The Secure Milk Supply (SMS) Plan is currently under development. In the event foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is diagnosed in the United States, an animal health emergency will be declared and livestock and allied industries will feel the immediate impacts of animal and animal product quarantine and movement restrictions. The just-in-time supply practices of milk movement in the U.S. could result in significant interruptions of milk and milk products to consumers, as well as create significant milk disposal and animal welfare issues on dairies. Movement of cattle to other operations is another important component of the dairy industry that would be impacted during an FMD outbreak. A well-developed, science and risk-based plan requires the input of industry, state and federal animal health officials.

Goals of the Voluntary SMS Plan:

  • Maintain business continuity for dairy producers, haulers, and processors during an FMD outbreak,
  • Minimize disease spread, and
  • Assure a continuous supply of milk and milk products to consumers..

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