Milk Producers

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the Secure Milk Supply (SMS) Plan and how you can voluntarily participate! If foot and mouth disease (FMD) is found in United States livestock, Regulatory Officials will limit movement of animals and animal products to try and control the spread of this very contagious animal disease. FMD is not a public health or food safety concern. Meat and milk are safe to eat and drink.

The SMS Plan for Continuity of Business provides steps to prepare and request a movement permit. Use the resources on the LEFT MENU to start preparing.

Read the SMS Plan! 10-page SMS Plan I 1-page SMS Plan Handout I 1-page SMS Plan Handout (Spanish)

Watch! SMS Plan Overview Video (10:34 mins)Webinar (53:41 mins)

Learn about FMD!  1-page FMD Handout I FMD Video in English (9:13 mins) I FMD Video in Spanish (9:23 mins) I More disease information

For those producing semen, embryos, or high genomic merit animals for the germplasm segment of the industry, read the Bovine Germplasm Movement Plan guidance or Executive Summary.

Is your state involved in SMS Outreach? State and Regional Project list